Nilogen to publish 3 new posters at AACR 2021

Tampa, Florida – April 1, 2021 — Nilogen Oncosystems today announces that it will publish 3 new posters at the forthcoming virtual AACR conference beginning April 10th 2021.

Poster 1566: Monitoring the impact of IL15 in combination with Sting agonists and nivolumab on activation and proliferation of tumor resident immune cells in 3D-EX platform of intact patient tumoroids
Mibel M. Pabon, Jared C. Ehrhart, Stephen Iwanowycz, Zhisong Tong, Tina Pastoor and Soner Altiok

This poster describes how Nilogen’s 3D-Explore platform using fresh patient tumoroids identifies IL15-IL21 combination with Nivolumab as the most effective IO drug combination treatment in renal cell carcinoma.

Poster 1501: Employing 3D-ACT platform to assess the ability of stromal-targeting agents to improve penetration and efficacy of cell therapy.
Zhisong Tong, Stephen Iwanowycz, Jared C. Ehrhart, Mibel M. Pabón, Tina Pastoor and Soner Altiok

In this poster Nilogen’s 3D-Explore platform demonstrates that stromal targeting agents enhance tumor penetration rate and efficacy of CAR-T therapy in fresh colorectal carcinoma patient tumoroids with intact stromal components.

Poster 2649: An ex vivo 3D tumoroid model of fresh patient tissue (3D-EX) to assess the efficacy of anti-angiogenic compounds in renal cell carcinoma
Jared C. Ehrhart, Mibel M. Pabón, Stephen Iwanowycz, Zhisong Tong, Tina Pastoor and Soner Altiok

We show how Nilogen’s 3D-Explore platform provides a novel model to effectively screen anti-angiogenic therapies using fresh patient tumor tissue with intact tumor microenvironment.

“We are very proud of our research work. Our team led by our CSO, Soner Altiok, continues to push the boundaries and develop novel approaches to measuring important elements of the tumor microenvironment in oncology drug development” said Jon Waterman-Smth, VP of Business Development and Marketing. “We look forwards to sharing our work with clients and the larger translational oncology community”.

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