3D Cancer Models from fresh patient tissue: Accuracy that drives success

Make better decisions for your translational immuno-oncology program with the most clinically-relevant patient model of the tumor microenvironment (TME)—a 3D cancer model unlike any other.  


Our Technology

Nilogen’s patented tumoroid technology is a 3D cancer model that captures the full heterogeneity of an individual tumor—including intact TME—in each well, enabling a more accurate understanding of therapeutic response.

Retains Intact TME

Up to 9,000 tumoroids are created from each patient’s tumor using minimal processing, retaining an intact TME.

Captures full tumor heterogeneity

Tumoroids from each patient’s tumor are pooled so that an aliquot in each well represents the heterogeneity of the complete tumor.

Reflects clinical response rate

Nilogen’s tumoroid technology captures similar patient response rates to those seen in the clinic.

Immuno-Oncology Applications

Immuno-Oncology Applications

Antibody Based Therapeutics

Elucidate mechanism of action, quantify tumor cell killing, and evaluate multiple drug combinations in the same patient tissue.

Cell Therapies

Assess tumor penetration, evaluate the impact on the TME, and accurately quantify tumor cell killing.

Oncolytic virus

Gain detailed, quantitative insight into oncolytic virus penetration, replication and tumor cell killing.

Nilogen Services

We deliver so much more than data. Our 3D-EXplore 3D cancer model platform uses the latest analytical technologies combined with advanced bioinformatics and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide you with fully interpreted, highly actionable insight to drive accurate decision making for your drug development programs. 

High Content Imaging


We use advanced confocal platforms for high resolution, quantitative imaging

  • Quantify tumor cell killing
  • Quantify penetration distance into the TME
  • Evaluate Phagocyotosis

Flow Cytometry


Our expert team delivers insight from our multiparameter flow cytometric technologies

  • Multiple, optimized, pre-designed or customized panels
  • Fully customizable panels
  • Multiplex up to 14 fluorophores in each panel

Gene Expression and Proteomics Analysis


We offer a full range of next generation sequencing (NGS) and proteogenomics analysis with the latest technologies

  • Single cell RNA-seq (10X Genomics Platform)
  • Single cell CITE-seq (BioLegend's TOTALseq Platform)
  • Nanostring PanCancer & IO 360 Gene Expression Panels
  • Custom bioinformatics and other analysis available

Multiplex Cytokine Assays


We use the BioRad BioPlex 200 for the simultaneous analysis of up to 100 cytokines and chemokines

  • Highly quantitative
  • Pre-designed optimised panels
  • Panel customisation available

About Nilogen

At Nilogen, our mission is to improve the treatment and quality of life for cancer patients by helping companies develop oncology therapies of the future by improving their chance of success in clinical trials through the application of game-changing human tumor tissue assays which provide a comprehensive analysis of drug impact on the immune compartment as well as tumor cells


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July 28, 2022

Nilogen Oncosystems Announces Opening of Clinical Trial Using Ex Vivo Tumoroids to Predict Immunotherapy Response in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (TUMORIN)

July 12, 2022

Nilogen Oncosystems Announces Partnership with Scailyte AG to Provide Clinically Relevant Translational Platform Supporting Development of Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics in Oncology Clinical Trials