Overcoming Challenges with Nilogen

Finding the right system is challenging, Nilogen makes it easy with the most biologically relevant drug testing platform available utilizing fresh patient tumor tissue. Nilogen’s advantage begins with procurement, continues with adherence to high quality control standards and ends with the comprehensive, customized final report.

Nilogen ex vivo services are standardized, yet customizable. Our experienced team of scientists and experts work with you to plan, conduct and interpret a tailored project, providing you results at a fraction of the cost of animal testing and human trials

how nilogen overcomes oncology challenges

Get started with a project by discussing your requirements with one of our 3D experts. Click below to fill out a brief form to let us know your area of interest, and we’ll contact you with recommendations and information to get you started on your 3D ex vivo project.

fresh approach and process workflow for onclogy drug development

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