3D - EX SM

A comprehensive approach to drug discovery

The ultimate holistic approach to drug development. Building on 3D-ScreenSM and 3D-EXploreSM, 3D-EXSM includes more capabilities to discover more about drug mechanism of action and identify biomarkers for clinical applications using our fresh patient 3D tumoroids.

Our customizable 3D-EXSM platform uses cutting-edge technologies in high content imaging, Nanostring gene expression profiling, flow cytometry, multiplex cytokine assays, mass spectrometry, multiplex immunohistochemistry and more.

3D-EXSM can also be used in a clinical trial setting on fresh tumor biopsy samples to help develop biomarkers of response for future clinical applications.

fresh approach to drug discovery using nilogen 3d ex platform

diagram of nilogen 3D explore process

Start working closely with our expert team of research scientists to design a detailed study to gain greater translational insight into your drug and drug combinations results.
  • Assess the binding and efficacy of bi-specifics in solid tumors
  • Perform real-time monitoring of cell viability and cell death by high-content imaging combined with multiplex cytokine analysis
  • Analyze drug effects on all components of the tumor microenvironment, including the extracellular matrix
  • Test drug effects on tumor cell killing and T-cell activation
  • Analyze the immunostimulatory activity of rational combination treatments at single or multiple drug concentrations
  • Test the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors, both antibody-based and small molecule
  • Monitor ex vivo T-cell trafficking and infiltration in response to immuno-modulators and anticancer drugs in individual patient tumors

image graphic of how nilogen 3d ex process works

nilogen 3d screen technology


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